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SAIA NEWSFLASH 13 OF 13 MARCH 2017Newsflash: 13/2017

13 March 2017

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Dear SAIA Members

SAIA and SACAP Engage Meaningfully

A meeting between representatives of SAIA and SACAP was held on Friday, 10 March 2017 to discuss the relationship between the two entities, and the state of the Architectural Profession in South Africa. Marella O' Reilley, Registrar SACAP and Yashaen Luckan, President SACAP, represented the Council. While SAIA was represented by: Kevin Bingham, President SAIA, Jan Ras, Treasurer SAIA, Maryke Cronje, Vice-President SAIA and Obert Chakarisa, Chief Executive Officer, SAIA.

SACAP's inadequate consultation as well as unsatisfactory communication with all voluntary associations and registered professionals, were high on the agenda. During the meeting a list of items, raised by the practice committee, were discussed. This meeting brought to a head the growing discontent within our membership regarding the manner in which SACAP was addressing directives to its constituents and issues on its mandate regarding the Identification of Work (IDOW) and Recommended Scale of Fees.

The meeting was constructive and honest, and has set in place a series of planned consultative meetings between a number of our representatives and SACAP. We also acknowledge that we will need advanced legal guidance for consultation with the SACAP legal advisers regarding matters of the Architectural Profession Act, Act 44 of 2000.

We have also noted the current petition which is being spearheaded by an organization called Architects 4 Change. We would like to indicate that SAIA has not being involved in this petition as we have elected to engage with SACAP directly in advancing the concerns of our members.

We are preparing a summary of the meeting for dissemination to our membership early in the week.


Obert Chakarisa
Chief Executive Officer, The South African Institute of Architects

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