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Subject: Notice to Members: Petition and Media


Newsflash: 17/2017

15 March 2017

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Notice to Members: Petition and Media

Dear SAIA Members

You will no doubt be aware of the "Petition to dissolve current SACAP Board/Council due to Mismanagement of the Architectural Profession" circulated on multimedia over the past fortnight. You may also be aware of a television discussion held this past weekend on SABC 2 Morning Live, in which representatives of "Architects 4 Change" engaged the SACAP President, Yashean Luckan, on various items contained in the petition. SAIA have laid a complaint with the SABC for the use of the SAIA logo in the interview, as this will be misleading to the public, as SAIA were not party to the interview.

Our SAIA President, Kevin Bingham has informed the SAIA Board that he and a delegation from SAIA have met with SACAP (10 March 2017) at which a number of concerns, including those raised by the SAIA Practice Committee, were discussed. The President confirmed our understanding with SACAP that various joint working groups need to be established to address the items raised, for working agreements to be attained.

Your SAIA Management Committee has opted for an engaged dialogue with SACAP and accordingly does not endorse the above-mentioned petition. This was relayed to SACAP at the meeting. SAIA does, however, support the freedom of speech and recognises the benefit of protest, where protest is based upon substantiated facts.

We urge our Members to ensure their full understanding of all clauses contained in this and any other documents that they may wish to support and endorse, especially should it not emanate from SAIA.

Obert Chakarisa
Chief Executive Officer, The South African Institute of Architects

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