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New Advice Centre Gqebera Walmer - NOH Architects

Citation: This project, unfortunately not yet commissioned when visited, brings identity and dignity through architecture to a community previously disadvantaged. It is a well-conceived building that will contribute to the perceived image of the township by generating a node and providing a ‘landmark’ that will help in the orientation within the low-scale urban fabric. While the brief is simple and uncomplicated the design suits both its context and intended use through providing straight-forward, usable spaces. It affords the local children, its intended users, an elevated, hence new, view of the surrounding area. The courtyard space formed between existing single storey centre and new building is well scaled and the open plaza beneath the building extends the public realm. There is good detailing with appropriate use of materials internally and externally. It was intimated that the previous post-modern community facilities will be restored and this project, while in contrast to that in its contemporary concrete and steel aesthetic, is respectful and accommodating of its predecessor in placement and scale, making for an integrated ensemble. The project receives a regional Award for Architecture.