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SAPS 10111 Radio Control Centre Korsten PE - The Matrix cc

Citation: This project has a sense of opulence in the use of material and allocation of spaces that seems more exuberant than the mundane function of housing a high-tech radio control centre. The aesthetic and materials – exposed, galvanised steel structure well detailed and carried through to the detailing of the minor elements such as galvanised steel balustrades –emphasise the mechanistic nature of the function of the building as do the services and the lifts as exposed systems within the voluminous, cathedral-like interior – all superbly detailed. The planning is practical and functional and massing of elements well-conceived.All offices are light and airy and have the feel of inspiring spaces to be. The project affords spectacular views for its users, although few in number relative to the scale of the building and provides state-of-the-art accommodation. The building has a landmark presence on the elevated site, making for a building-in-the-round, each elevation carefully articulated and detailed.Overall this is an impressive building. The panel of assessors deems the project worthy of the regional Award for Architecture.