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House Thomson Bonnyview 2 - Thembela Architects

Citation: The architect’s own home always holds intrigue in that it is revealing of the particular aspects of focus and concern for the designer. The house is conceived as a response to the site conditions and views, with the main orientation to the north, having glazed fold-away wall giving unrestricted views across the Baakens valley. The solid west wall provides privacy to and from adjacent site and protection from prevailing winds and rain. This is a hand-crafted piece built by the designer over some years with the use of recycled materials and a strong sense of the patina that old and crafted material brings, with a very high degree of attention to detail, giving the home a warm and lived-in feel. Internal spaces are arranged around a central double-volume well adding a sense of spaciousness and spacial interplay while retaining a domestic scale. As a realised piece and personal statement of what a home might be – in its design, its making and its living – the project is conferred a regional Award for Architecture.