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Hopewell Visitors Centre - KOOP Design

Citation: This project falls within the tradition of pavilion buildings, with a limited accommodation but strong presence. The well-conceived and beautifully detailed structure has echoes of the Barcelona Pavilion, but reflecting in its making and choice of materials the ecological concerns of the twenty-first century. The palette of materials is restricted to a minimum – timber, steel and glass with polished concrete finishes using aggregate from surrounding ground, thereby creating a visual continuity between the natural surrounds and the made building. As a pavilion it takes its cue from its legacy with the interplay of visual and connected internal and external spaces. The building is finely detailed and crafted and well-made. The project provides a benchmark for both the design and construction of the residences which are to follow, while being a piece of jewel-box architecture in its own right. The project is conferred a regional Award for Architecture.